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Ludovica Scarfi

La sostenibilitÓ come paradigma di passaggio dall'Industria 4.0 a Industria 5.0

(PDF in lingua inglese) Report industria 5.0 Top 5 business risks are related to the environment Exponential technologies for Environmental Sustainability Sustainability is a business imperative A more sustainable organization starts with your assets Leveraging IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite and Fulfillment Optimizer to Drive Sustainability Case Histories NestlÚ & Carrefour, trace the provenance of Mousline 100% French grown potatoes Carrefour launches the Textile traceability focusing on eco-friendly production Connecting Coffee Farmers with the Consumers they Serve Introducing the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite De-risk digital transformation through structured innovation

Marino Crippa

"Digital orchestration" in ambienti industriali

(PDF in lingua inglese) A 5 step Industrial IoT maturity model From Connectivity to Eco System combining machines, people and processes Why an Ecosystem Linking people & Machine as central point of the EcoSystem Enabling Architecture: Open Standard is the key Enabling Architecture: orchestration platform Data when you need it and when ready Possible Scenario: TCO optimization Use Case: Streamline experience-based maintenance Use Case: AI enabled maintenance

Ferdinando Cannella

Meccatronica cognitiva sulle linee di processo produttivo

(PDF in lingua inglese) - Objective Assessment - Cognitive Mechatronics - Lightweight structures - Industrial Robotic Unit - World Robotics Challenge - Success stories - Inspection and Maintenance Robotic System for San Giorgio Bridge -

Circuito Eiom