copertina La Termotecnica Energy Review
La Termotecnica Energy Review relies on the monthly scientific journal La Termotecnica, published since 1947, with ISSN 0040-3725. It is published every year at the ATI Annual Congress.
Read the statement on ethics and the absence of unfair practises in the publication of scientific papers.
We will not consider articles submitted to multiple journals. It is the corresponding authorís responsibility to ensure the paper is not under consideration by any other journal at the time of submission.
Articles that are of interest will be assessed by anonymous references. Our platform uses double blind peer review and meets the highest requirements of transparency and seriousness.
The journal is available to readers for free.
The publication of the conference proceedings is supported by the sponsors of the conferences, there are no other advertisements inside the Journal, only banners of the conferences themselves will be present on the site.

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